Our Service & Post-booking fees

You agree to pay the travel planning, change, and other fees listed below.

Type Applies to Amount

Booking service fee

Agent booking transaction fees
$ 25.00

Post-booking service fee

Agent Changes to existing reservations
$ 25.00 + Airline Fees

Post-booking service fee

Agent assisted cancellation
$ 50.00 + Airline Fees

All our fees are non-refundable and are applied per booking. Our Fees are in addition to any airline and/or other supplier-imposed fees and charge.

If a Supplier drops the price of a trip after booking, we will try to assist you with rebooking if the Supplier allows it, and a fee may apply. We do not guarantee any refunds or successful rebooking.

Important Note: All service fees are subject to change without notice. You will be charged the final total price as quoted, inclusive of the above booking service fee. Please review the total final price carefully.