Q: How to make a booking with Crystal Travel?
Booking the flight to your desired destination is short and simple. All you have to do is visit www.crystaltravel.com and use our filters to find the best flight possible on the date you have chosen to travel. If you find any problem in searching for your flight destination or have any further queries before booking a flight, you can call one of our executives for assistance at +1-866-721-7639.
Q: How do I get to know if my booking is confirmed?
Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail from us containing all the details either in your inbox or in spam folder of your mailbox within 4 hours. Still, if you do not find the confirmation mail, please contact us on +1-866-721-7639.
Q: Will there be any charges of booking my flight tickets from phone?
No. Crystal Travel do not charge anything to book over the phone.
Q: Why did the fare increase when I tried to book my flight?
Airfare is generally dynamic in nature and can change minute by minute based on demand and availability. We try our best to update the fare instantly, but sometimes the changes are frequent, and the fare changes in between your search and confirming of the booking.
Q: How do I book an infant fare?
Infants, under the age of 24 months travel with no cost within the United States as long as they are seated on an adult’s lap. Only one infant on the lap is allowed per adult (over 18 years). In the case of international travel, the infant would be required to pay a percentage of the fare plus the taxes and fees.
Infant Tickets cannot be purchased online, please call our sales team at +1-866-721-7639 or email us
at customercare@crystaltravel.com to book an infant ticket.
Q: Are taxes included in the airfares listed?
As per the directives of the U.S. Department of Transportation's new Airline Passenger Protection Rules regarding the advertising of airfares and baggage fees became effective on January 24, 2012. All flight fares listed now include all taxes and airline or airport fees associated with the ticket price. The ticket price includes the base airfare and U.S. and applicable taxes.
Q: Can I hold a reservation?
Airline regulations prohibit us from holding reservations. Also, to ensure you receive the discounted fare you found on crystaltravel.com, you need to purchase the ticket(s) immediately. Airfares are not guaranteed until ticketed.
Q: Are the airfares guaranteed?
All the airfares quoted on the website are subject to change without prior notice and are not guaranteed until tickets are issued. In any event, due to technical reasons, we are unable to issue tickets due to incorrect fares, we reserve the right to notify you about the fare change within 3 working days of your booking. You have the choice of either choosing the new option or canceling the booking. Please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information.
Q: What is the maximum number of travelers that I can book online in one reservation?
You can book a maximum of 9 passengers including a Child on one reservation. If you have more than 9 passengers to book, please contact our sales team at +1-866-721-7639 or write an email to us at customercare@crystaltravel.com
Q: Can I book an unaccompanied minor?
Most airlines allow unaccompanied minors to travel on their flights. Please contact the airline before purchasing your ticket to verify all rules and restrictions regarding unaccompanied minor travel.

General Guidelines:
  • • Children may travel unaccompanied between the ages of 5-17. Age restrictions may vary per airline.
  • • Many airlines require unaccompanied minors to travel direct (make a stop but do not require a change of planes) or nonstop flights only.
  • • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel on the last flight of the day. This includes any changing of planes.
  • • Most airlines provide (or require) supervision service for minors from the time of boarding until the time the minor is met at the final destination. This is called "Unaccompanied Minor Service" and there is a charge for this service. You must verify this cost directly with the airline and whether or not it's mandatory. These fees must be paid directly to the airline upon check-in.
  • • You may need to carry a birth certificate or other valid identification documentation to the airport showing the child's date of birth.
  • • The airline will require information about who is meeting the minor at the destination. Identification will be required for the adult to meet the minor.
  • • Have the person who is escorting the unaccompanied minor to the departing flight bring a valid form of identification so they can get a pass to escort the child through security checkpoints.
  • • Standby reservations are not allowed for unaccompanied minor travel.

Again, please call the airline before purchasing tickets to inquire about unaccompanied minors’ rules and costs.
Q: How do I change an existing reservation ?
Please contact our customer service team at +1-866-721-7639 in case you wish to make any changes to your flights Please note: The airline charges a change fee per ticket, plus any difference in fare or taxes, depending on the new flights you choose. Airline penalties start from USD 100.00 per Ticket and increase from there. Additional rules and fees may apply:
  • • Traveller’s name cannot be changed.
  • • The same airline must be used.
  • • Original reservation must be canceled before the original departure date and time.
  • • Changes to routing, dates, or other details may not be changeable.
  • • Some airlines may not permit any changes even with a fee.
Q: I have a confirmed reservation, but do not have a seat assignment. Does this mean I will not have a seat when I get to the airport?
Airlines do not pre-assign 100% of any aircraft. If you have a confirmed booking, but do not have a seat assignment, it is very important you get to the airport at least three hours before the scheduled departure time, as these unassigned seats can only be assigned by airport ticket/gate personnel. At that point, seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Q: Can I make a name change to my flights?
All reservations must be made in the EXACT name of the person traveling - no nicknames. For domestic and international travel, the name on the reservation must be exactly as it appears on the traveler’s government-issued identification or passport. Airlines do not allow name changes due to heightened Homeland Security rules. However, in case you have made some error in spelling the name, please contact our Customer Service team at +1-866-721-7639 or write to us at customercare@crystaltravel.com
Q: What happens when there is a schedule change on my flight? Will I get new tickets?
We make every attempt to update you regarding the new schedule of your flights via email or phone. However, sometimes we are not always aware of these changes by the airlines. It is best advised to reconfirm your flight 72 hours before your flight departure as some tickets are required to be reissued in case of a major change. Important to note that once the schedule change is accepted by you, (either over the phone or by email) any future changes or modifications to the booking will be subject to an airline change and any applicable fare difference. If there is any change done by the airlines without your consent, then you would not be charged any fees or penalties for making that change.

And you can always contact our schedule change department at +1-866-721-7639 or write an email to ScheduleChange@crystaltravel.com
Q: Can my tickets be refunded ?
Most discounted airline tickets are non-refundable. Although non-refundable tickets are the most economical, they are also the most restrictive and do not allow refunds. These restrictions make it possible for us to continue to offer special sale fares in addition to our existing deeply discounted airfares. Please note, refund restrictions are documented on our website. You must agree to these terms and conditions before booking any reservation by selecting "Yes" to our contract agreement. Once you decide to cancel a reservation, you are subject to the terms of the cancellation, as stated in our "Terms and Conditions".
Q: The flight confirmation page shows the wrong date on my itinerary. How can I change it?
If you have discovered that your itinerary has the wrong date, please immediately contact our Customer Service team at 1-866-721-7639 for assistance.
Q: The ticket confirmation e-mail I have received indicates that the airline does not guarantee the booking, what does this mean?
The email confirmation with a pending status means that the booking is still not confirmed with the airline. You may need to contact our support team to confirm the booking at +1 866-721-7639.
Q: When should I confirm my reservation?
We advise our passengers to reconfirm their flights with Airlines directly at least 72 hours before departure. It’s also important to reconfirm your return flights, within the same time frame.
Q: I have an unused or partially used airline ticket; does it have any value?
Partially used tickets generally do not have any value. In some scenarios, the unused ticket may be exchanged for a new ticket provided the airline allows that change. Unused tickets do not have any value left if the passenger does not show up at the airport for the flight. Please contact our customer service team at +1-866-721-7639 in case of any queries of support related to this.
Q: Can I add more passengers to my booking?
The only way you can add additional passengers is by creating a new booking. Please note that the fares may change and we cannot guarantee the availability of the original flights.
Q: How do I travel with an e-ticket (Electronic Ticket)?
Majority of airlines offer E-Tickets nowadays. So, you can travel without the worry of losing the tickets.

While traveling with e-tickets, please carry a government-issued photo ID (Driver’s License or a Passport) to the airport.

With some airlines, you are allowed to check in for your flights 24 hours in advance. Passengers must have a printed boarding pass to proceed through security. Customers with checked-in baggage or E-tickets who do not have a printed boarding pass must go to the ticket counter before going through the security checkpoint.

It is advisable that you reconfirm your flights at least 72hrs before departure directly with the airline. .
Q: What is the baggage allowance for my flights?
Many airlines have changed the baggage policies for both carry-on and check-in luggage. Some of them are now charging for a second bag as well as a carry-on bag. Please call the airlines for up-to-date information regarding baggage. Please click here to check the general guidelines for baggage.
Q: What if I could not travel and do not show up at the airport? Can I use the ticket for future travel?
if you cannot travel, you must call us or the airline immediately. If you decide to "just not show up" your itinerary will be marked as a "No Show". No show = No Value. This means your ticket cannot be changed or refunded, even with a penalty. If you are enroute to the airport and feel you might miss your flight, you MUST call the airline as soon as possible to avoid the "No Show" situation. Once the record has been made a "No Show" reservation, we will no longer have any control regarding the itinerary or any possible refund.

If you've made your departure flight, but you've missed your subsequent flight, you should immediately go to the nearest ticket counter for the airline where you were changing planes. If you've missed the flight you were supposed to change to due to a problem that is within the airline's control, they should protect you on the very next available flight. If you've missed this flight due to something that is not within the airline's control (weather, air traffic, etc.) or due to your fault, it will be left entirely up to the airline's discretion to provide you an alternate or not. If the airline decides that alternate is not warranted, it will be up to the passenger to find their way to their final destination at the passenger's expense.

It's also important to note if you do miss any of your flights all consequent flights on the same itinerary will also be cancelled under the "No Show" policy.
Q: What documentation or types of photo identification will I need to travel?
Proper documentation will change based on the city you're departing from, the city you are traveling to, where you are changing planes, and what country your passport has been issued under. To answer this question accurately, you must call the airline you are traveling with and supply them with the necessary information. They will then tell you whether you need a visa, passport, or further documentation. Please note, this information is the sole responsibility of the passenger. Neither Crystal Travel nor the airline will be held accountable if you show up at the airport with insufficient or invalid travel documents or identification. It is also important to note, that if you do not have valid or sufficient documents, the airline can deny you boarding and you could be left to find new transportation to your destination at your own cost.
Q: Are there any additional fees or taxes not included in the price I paid for the ticket(s)?
Other than baggage fees mentioned in an earlier answered question, there are also Airport Entry and Exit fees. These fees are charged by the individual airports and are not collected by the travel agency or the airline. These fees are usually collected during the immigration and customs process, but again, you should call the airline you are flying with to verify this in advance, so you are fully prepared upon your arrival.
Q: What are the restrictions for traveling with a pet?
If you are traveling with your pet, please contact the airline directly for detailed information. Here are some general guidelines:

  • i. Traveling with a pet, other than a guide dog, requires special handling by the airline and there will be an additional fee for this service. Pet handling service fees vary from airline to airline.
  • ii. Pets in the cabin are limited by size and the number allowed on each flight.
  • iii. Alternatively, your pet may travel in the baggage compartment of your flight. However, each airline has certain restrictions, depending on the anticipated temperature in the baggage compartment. (Some carriers have a blackout period for carrying animals in cargo during the summer and winter.)
  • iv. Cages and other shipping containers must meet the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, sanitation, and design for safe handling. (Sky kennels furnished by the airlines meet these requirements.)
  • v. Health certificates are required by all shippers of pets. Please check with your Veterinarian for more details.
  • vi. Many airlines restrict certain breeds, such as pug-nosed dogs (Pugs, Pekingese, Boxers) and cats (Persians) that might find it especially difficult to breathe at high altitudes.
Q: What is a Redress Number?
This is a unique number the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assigns to a passenger who has been previously identified for screening at the airports. For more information on the redress process, visit www.dhs.gov/trip
Q: When can I expect my refund?
If you cancel within 24 Hrs of making the reservation, you will be getting the refund in 07-14 business days, however, cancellations made after 24 Hrs will take 01-02 billing cycles depending on your bank institution.
Q: How do I know if I need a Passport and/or Visa for my travel? What are the required documents and forms?
The best way to determine if you need a passport and/or visa for your travel is to contact the appropriate embassy or consulate of the destination country. They will be able to provide you with the requirements and forms. Depending on the country, you may need a valid passport, visa, and/or other documents such as a valid travel permit, a notarized letter of consent, a visa invitation letter, or proof of financial support.
Q: To apply for a Visa, how long must my Passport be valid?
Most countries require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months beyond the dates of your travel.
Q: Does my child need his/her Passport?
Yes, your child must have his/her passport to travel internationally.
Q: My name has changed because of marriage or divorce, and my Passport retains my old name. Do I need to make any changes to my old Passport?
Yes, you will need to apply for a new Passport with your new name. Depending on the country, you may be able to submit a request for a name change on your existing Passport, or you may need to apply for a new Passport.
Q: I have an urgent need for a Passport, what can I do?
If you have an urgent need for a passport, you will need to visit your local passport office or contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate to see if you can apply for an expedited passport. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get an expedited passport in as little as 24 hours.

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