British Airways Flights - Overview

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Headquartered in London and the flag carrier airline of the UK, British Airways is undoubtedly one of the most famous airlines in the world. While covering more than 160 destinations worldwide, British Airways is also one of the most active airlines in today’s aviation industry. To cover such a wide range of locations, the airline has a fleet of more than 250 aircraft, including Airbus A320 and Boeing 787 mainly.
When it comes to cabins and overall services, the airline can impress anyone with its different types of seating, depending on the traveler’s journey. For instance, tourists can opt for Economy or Business class seating for short-haul flights. On the other hand, long-haul flights have First-class seatings too for extra comfort and additional amenities.
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FAQs on British Airways Flights

1. What’s the current carry-on size allowance for British Airways?
While boarding a British Airways flight, your cabin baggage shouldn’t exceed the size of 56x45x25cm. However, if your baggage exceeds this limit, then you might have to pay an extra amount for your checked luggage.
2. Where is British Airways’ primary hub?
Currently, British Airways handles most of its flight operations from London’s Heathrow Airport, making it the airline’s primary hub.
3. What is British Airways’ cancellation policy?
Like all other major airlines, British Airways’ cancellation policies are subject to change. Hence, it’s best to contact the airline directly and stay updated with their latest policies.
4. What day of the week is the best time to book a British Airways flight?
Unluckily, there’s no specific day of the week to book a British Airways flight for low prices. However, by booking your tickets on initial weekdays like Monday or Tuesday, you can comparatively save a few more bucks than a flight booking on any ordinary day.

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