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A small city with tons of beautiful places! But, what surprise does it have for you? Let’s find out!
Located on the east side of San Francisco Bay, Oakland is a small city that has slowly attracted thousands of tourists for various reasons. Firstly, the city has a quite diverse population, due to which it’s become a hub of some of the best Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Thai restaurants. Moreover, its natural attractions like Lake Merritt and Redwood Regional Park have always attracted people with their serene and stunning views.
Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, the summers here are pretty long and comfortable, whereas winters are wet and cold. So, for those who love exploring new places during the summer season, Oakland city is surely a must-visit destination.
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FAQs on Flights to Oakland
1. How many airports are there in Oakland?

Currently, Oakland city has only one international airport and a couple of local heliports. Hence, the Oakland International Airport serves as the major airport of this city.

2. How can I find cheap flight deals to Oakland?

Getting the best flight deals to Oakland is pretty easy. All you have to do is fill in your correct details in our easy-to-use search engine, and it’ll get you some of the most affordable flight deals possible. Apart from this, you can also choose to call our travel experts, and they’ll make sure you get your plane tickets to Oakland for some of the lowest prices possible.

3. What’s the best time to book a flight to Oakland?

Oakland’s summers are quite popular among worldwide tourists. However, the city sees a sharp decline in tourism during the month of August as it marks the end of the warm season. So, if you’re flying to this city on a pretty tight budget, then August is the best time to book a flight to Oakland.

4. What’s the best time to go to Oakland?

Due to its Mediterranean climate, Oakland’s summers are full of pleasant warmth. Moreover, the temperatures during the late Spring season are also perfect for outdoor activities. Hence, the best time to go to Oakland is from March to May.

5. Which airlines fly to Oakland?

Currently, more than 10 major airlines are actively flying in and out of Oakland. Some of those major airlines are Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Spirit Airlines, etc.

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Unlike others, Crystal Travel assures its customers of a safe and secured journey every time they reserve a flight ticket with us. Moreover, our responsive customer support team is 24/7 available to answer all your travel queries. So, it’s not just affordable prices, but it’s also the promise of safety and comfort that you get while booking flights to Oakland with Crystal Travel.

7. How many nonstop flights are there to Okland?

Flights from Below cities fly directly to Oakland.

Flights from Las Vegas (LAS) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from San Diego (SAN) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Burbank (BUR) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Santa Ana (SNA) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Seattle (SEA) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Portland (PDX) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Salt Lake City (SLC) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Long Beach (LGB) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Denver (DEN) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Honolulu (HNL) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Ontario (ONT) to Oakland (OAK)
Flights from Kahului (OGG) to Oakland (OAK)

8. How long is the flight to Oakland Airport?

The average flying time for a US domestic flight to Oakland is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

9. Where can I get assistance at Oakland?

Passenger support is available at passenger support desk. You can also ask a TSA worker or supervisor for immediate on the spot assistance.

10. How much are round-trip flights to Oakland?

US domestic round trip flight to Oakland starts from $41.

11. Where are the most popular flights to Oakland departing from?

Most popular flights to Oakland depart from Guadalajara and Leon.

12. Which are the top flying routes from Oakland?

Flights from Oakland (OAK) to Las Vegas (LAS)
Flights from Oakland (OAK) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Flights from Oakland (OAK) to San Diego (SAN)
Flights from Oakland (OAK) to Burbank (BUR)
Flights from Oakland (OAK) to Santa Ana (SNA)

Interesting Facts About Oakland
There are many fascinating things that you do not know about Oakland. Let’s explore some of the facts that may surprise you.

Oakland’s Fairyland inspired Walt Disney!

Children’s Fairyland on the shores of Lake Merritt was inaugurated in 1950. It was the first park with detailed fairytale sets, including animals, and live amusement. Walt Disney was in the audience during the opening. He was inspired by the park and incorporated some ideas for Disneyland from here. Disneyland was opened five years later in 1955.

A cemetery is the most popular picnic spot.

The Mountain View Cemetery is one of the popular places to picnic or walk around by the locals. The cemetery is spread around 226 acres of land on the hills above Oakland. It gives a stunning view of the city and San Francisco Bay. You can find hundreds of residents jogging, walking, or just hanging out in the cemetery that has many graves and spooky mausoleums.

There are hundreds of hidden staircases.

In the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake, Hundreds of staircases were built to create an easy way to public transportation and neighborhoods at the bottom of the hills. These staircases remain in between the houses of Oakland.

One of the Most Diverse Cities in the US

Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the USA with a large Black, Hispanic, and Asian population. As per the reports, there are only 34% of white residents while other communities share the rest of 66% of the population. According to a census report, more than 50 languages are used in Oakland

Only City with a Natural Saltwater Lake.

Lake Merritt is the only saltwater lake to naturally exist within a city. There is no other such lake in the entire world. Also, It is home to the oldest wildlife refuge in the US. The lake offers a pristine vista with many outdoor activities.

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