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The oldest city of California, San Jose brings a diverse blend of cultures and religions to the area.
San Jose offers a beautiful blend of culture, architecture, and technology. Known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, you will find a good deal of museums and performances illustrating some of San Jose’s best. You might have probably searched for flights to San Jose on Google. You will be surprised to know that its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up their headquarters right here in San Jose.
Plan your trip to San Jose and learn about the city’s role in the Gold Rush, stop by the Mexican Heritage Plaza for music and performing arts. Do not forget to see the Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG), a symbol of the Sister City bond between Okayama, Japan, and San Jose. You can also take a trip to an odd yet instructional Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and view the massive collection of statues and mummies. Get ready to book your cheap flights to San Jose and experience the beauty, charm, and historic tales of the surprising San Jose.
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FAQs on Flights to San Jose
1. How many airports are there in San Jose?

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) is the only international airport in San Jose, California. However, as San Jose falls in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK) serve as the major airports for the city of San Jose.

2. Which airlines fly to San Jose?

American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Southwest, and JetBlue service all the three airports of the San Francisco Bay area. Air France, British Airways, Emirates, and KLM are some of the many International airlines that fly to San Jose.

3. How can I find cheap flight deals to San Jose?

Crystal Travel is the answer to all your flight needs. Our easy-to-use search engine gets you the best flight deals to San Jose. Also, you can call our experienced travel consultants who would compare hundreds of flight deals to get the best prices for you.

4. What is the best time to book a flight to San Jose?

November through March are the cheapest months to fly to San Jose due to the rainy season. If you want to plan to travel to San Jose during this time, you are likely to find some cheap flights to San Jose. Alternatively, you can book your flights 60 - 70 days in advance of your departure date to get a below-average price on your plane tickets to San Jose.

5. What is the best time to go to San Jose?

San Jose, California is busiest during Summers (June to August) due to summer vacations. The weather here is beautiful along with irregular foggy weather. The fall season (late August through early November) is also a good time to visit. You can do plenty of activities and sight-seeing during this time.

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7. How many nonstop flights are there to San Jose?

Flights from Below cities fly directly to San Jose.

Flights from San Diego (SAN) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from San Diego (SAN) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Seattle (SEA) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Las Vegas (LAS) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Phoenix (PHX) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Portland (PDX) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Denver (DEN) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Santa Ana (SNA) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Burbank (BUR) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Salt Lake City (SLC) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Austin (AUS) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Honolulu (HNL) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Dallas (DAL) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Ontario (ONT) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Long Beach (LGB) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Guadalajara (GDL) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Boise (BOI) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from San Diego (SAN) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Atlanta (ATL) to San Jose (SJC)
Flights from Dallas (DAL) to San Jose (SJC)

8. How long is the flight to San Jose Airport?

The average flying time for a US domestic flight to San Jose is 1 hour 34 minutes.

9. Where can I get assistance at San Jose?

Passenger support is available at passenger support desk. You can also ask a TSA worker or supervisor for immediate on the spot assistance.

10. How much are round-trip flights to San Jose?

Round trip flight to San Jose starts from $278

11. Where are the most popular flights to San Jose departing from?

Most popular flights to San Jose depart from Guadalajara and Tokyo.

12. Which are the top flying routes from San Jose?

Flights from San Jose (SJC) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Flights from San Jose (SJC) to Phoenix (PHX)
Flights from San Jose (SJC) to San Diego (SAN)
Flights from San Jose (SJC) to Las Vegas (LAS)
Flights from San Jose (SJC) to Seattle (LAS)

Interesting Facts About San Jose
Check out these interesting facts about San Jose before you visit

A farming community

For the Spanish colony of Nueva California, later known as Alta California, San Jose was developed as a major agricultural hub. Animals, seeds, and agricultural tools were provided to settlers. For more than 150 years, the city was engaged in agricultural, producing food for the soldiers at Monterey and San Francisco. Among the fruits grown in San Jose were prunes, grapes, apricots, pears, and peaches. The city was also the location of the first fields of commercial broccoli.

San Jose was the site of California’s Largest Mercury Mine

A lesser known fact about San Jose is that Cinnabar was utilized by the Ohlone to make red pigment and for trade. The Spanish were the ones who first encountered it, and they identified it as a source of mercury (quicksilver), the metal needed to extract gold from ore. As a result, mining began at the New Almaden Mine, which was so named in honor of Spain's Almaden mercury mine. It is still the nation's oldest and most successful mercury mine.

The world’s largest canning and dried-fruit packing center

The city once houseIt is only logical that the canning industry prospered in San Jose given the amount of fruit that was produced there. After starting in 1871, San Jose had 18 canneries, 12 fresh fruit and vegetable shipping companies, and 13 dried fruit packaging houses by the 1920s and 1930s. As a result, Herbert Gray of the Barron-Gray Packing Company in San Jose was given the credit for creating the fruit cocktail in 1930. 1938 saw the introduction of this "new" Fruit Cocktail under the Del Monte brand.

San Jose’s full name was El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe

El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe, the first town in California, was established on November 29, 1777. It was given the names Saint Joseph and the Guadalupe River, which is nearby. It wasn't incorporated as the City of San Jose until March 27, 1850. The city formally changed its name to San José with an accent mark on April 3, 1979.

San Jose is the home of innovation

A fun fact about San Jose is that, as part of a marketing stunt in 1988, it dubbed itself the "capital of Silicon Valley," seemed confident in its future. There are thousands of tech businesses there, including many well-known ones like IBM, eBay, Cisco Systems, and Adobe Systems. The floppy disc, Eggo waffles, hard disc drives, and The Wave were all created in San Jose. In fact, San Jose City Hall houses the Silicon Valley U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and San Jose is one of the cities with the highest patent production per capita.

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