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About Philadelphia

No matter what time of year you wish to visit, Philadelphia has a ton of fantastic things to do. This city and the surrounding region are full of cultural, culinary, artistic, and multicultural riches. The Liberty Bell, Rocky, cheesesteaks, and Mummers are Philadelphia's most well-known attractions. Additionally, it is renowned as the "City of Brotherly Love," the Philadelphia Orchestra, and its overall revolutionary history. Explore this beautiful city and make this trip a remarkable one.

About Atlanta  

Atlanta is a bustling city, but it's also a tourist's paradise. There are beautiful parks including Piedmont Park and the Fox Theatre, as well as one of the top panda exhibits in the nation at the zoo. From the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. to Buckhead's upscale clubs and shops to sports-focused attractions like the College Football Hall of Fame and Centennial Olympic Park. History buffs, shopaholics, and night owls will probably all find something to stimulate their interests.

Cheap Flights from Philadelphia to Atlanta

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FAQs on Philadelphia to Atlanta Flights
1. Which airlines fly directly from PHL to ATL?
Frontier, Spirit, Delta, and American are the airlines that fly from Philadelphia to Atlanta.
2. I’m booking a non-stop/direct flight to ATL from Philadelphia. Which airport do I choose?
For traveling to Atlanta from PHL the best airport to check-in is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) the nearest airport is at a distance of 13 miles from the main city. The nearest major airport to land in Atlanta is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) lying at a distance of 10 miles from the main city.
3. What is the duration of the flight between PHL and ATL?
You will take around 2 hours and 10 minutes to travel to Atlanta from PHL with no layover.
4. Which airline has the least delayed flights from Philadelphia to Atlanta?
Although the delays of flights depend upon many different reasons, Delta and American Airlines serve the best airlines with very few delays.
5. Which is the cheapest day of the week to fly from Philadelphia to ATL?
You can reserve a flight for Tuesday to obtain the best deal for that particular week. To lock in the best price, think about returning to Philadelphia on Tuesday rather than Wednesday or Friday.
6. Do I need to pay any fees or charges for canceling my flight from PHL to ATL?
While canceling the flight there is a respective amount of cancelation which varies from airline to airline. So it is preferable that you contact our customer support team before canceling the flight.
7. Do airlines offer sleeping areas to passengers traveling from PHL to Atlanta?
There are a few lounges at Philadelphia Airport, however, none of them are designated as sleeping or resting places. Check out the list of lounges in the Philadelphia Airport Guide if all you want to do is unwind in a comfy chair.
8. Am I allowed to carry food/eatables on my flight to Atlanta?
In your carry-on or checked baggage, you are permitted to bring solid food items but not liquids or gels. The TSA officials advise passengers to remove things from carry-on luggage, such as meals, powders, or other materials that clog the bag and impair the X-ray machine's ability to scan the contents for prohibited items.
9. What is the baggage allowance on a flight from Philadelphia to ATL?

The weight of baggage you are permitted to bring into the airport varies by airline, the kind of cabin you are traveling in, and even the size of the aircraft. One carry-on baggage and one in the cabin both are allowed.

Checked baggage 

  • Less than 23KG/50LBS is the maximum amount of checked baggage.  32KG/70LBS is the maximum weight.
  • When height, width, and length are combined together, the dimensions shouldn't sum up to more than 158 cm (62 in).

            Carry-on baggage

  • Maximum dimensions for carry-on are 22 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.
Carry-on baggage preferably shouldn't weigh more than 8KG (18LBS).
Before making a flight reservation, always ask the specific airline about the baggage allowance.
10. I lost my baggage during my flight to Atlanta from PHL, how can I recover it?
The airlines are tasked with returning your belongings to you in the event that they got lost. All you need to do is submit a claim at the baggage claim desk of your airline at the airport. Your bag's location and arrival time are tracked by the airline's tracking system.
11. How would I get the best deal on my flight from PHL to ATL?
At Crystal Travel, we use a dynamic search engine to find the best prices among thousands of airfares, and we display them right at the top. To find out about the most affordable flights, all you have to do is search on our website or contact one of our travel experts. For daily updates, sign up for our newsletters. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to catch up our hottest deals.
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