Cheap Flights to Boise (BOI)
A trip to Boise gives visitors a chance to explore beautiful and untouched attractions amidst the wilderness of Idaho with the Rocky Mountains in proximity.

Nestled on the Boise River in southwestern Idaho, Boise hosts some of America’s most astonishing natural attractions that are hard to miss. Boise, the capital city of Idaho, offers everything to its visitors with plenty of Museums, natural parks, miles of trails, and vibrant city life. Visit The Old State Penitentiary, an intriguing Museum of Basque Culture, as well as Boise Art Museum to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the city. Stroll through the Botanical Garden and the World Center for Birds of Prey, where you can admire the local flora and fauna of Idaho, as well as some of the local residents of the sky.

A trip to Boise will delight any outdoor lovers. A network of trails and tracks into the hills and valleys provides a lot of opportunities for hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, and camping to enjoy the breathtaking views of Idaho during summers. In the winter months, nearby resorts of the Bogus Basin Recreational Area provide world-class skiing and other winter sports opportunities. 

Whether there is sun or snow, Boise is a perfect retreat for travelers looking for outdoor adventure with city amenities. And, with Crystal Travel, you can take a trip to Boise at some of the most affordable rates. We offer one-way tickets, round-trip tickets, business-class tickets, and all forms of flight tickets based on your preference. Book your cheap flights to Boise now and pack your bags for an adventure of a lifetime.

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FAQs on Flights to Boise
1. How many airports are there in Boise?
Boise Airport (BOI), located approximately 3 miles south of downtown Boise, is the only commercial airport in Boise, Idaho. BOI only serves domestic flights. Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is the nearest international airport to Boise, Idaho
2. Which airlines fly to Boise?
Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, and Southwest Airlines are the major carriers serving Boise Airport. Other airlines operating to and from BOI are American Eagle, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Gem Air, Avelo, United Airlines, and United Express.
3. How can I find the best flight deal to Boise, Idaho?
Crystal Travel offers some of the best deals for your Idaho flights to Boise. Our dynamic engine curates some of the lowest prices for your trip so that your airfare remains within your price range. You can add your source and destination airports into our dynamic search engine to find some of the cheapest airfares for your trip. Alternatively, you can call our travel experts with your booking information, and they will find the best deals for your trip.
4. When is the best time to visit Boise?
Boise, Idaho, has a year-round destination. The best time to visit depends on what you aim to achieve on your trip to Idaho. The ideal season to visit the city is between March and May when the weather conditions are ideal for exploring the city and enjoying outdoor activities. November to late March is a perfect time to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snow, on the other hand, June to August is the best time to enjoy the trails and other attractions.
5. When is the best time to book a flight to Boise?
The best time to book a flight to Boise is at least 45-60 days before your preferred departure date. Also, plane tickets to Boise are cheaper in the fall (September and October), due to the shoulder season you can find plane tickets and accommodation at a cheaper rate during this time.
6. What do I get while booking flight tickets to Boise with Crystal Travel?
Crystal Travel has sourced many deals from several providers to offer you a wide range of affordable flight tickets to Boise. With a responsive and 24/7-available customer support team, we ensure that you don’t have to face any problems throughout your journey. Moreover, our flights are IATA protected, ensuring that your trip is safe and secure.
7. How many nonstop flights are there to Boise?

Flights from 20 cities fly directly into Boise. They are:

Flights from Seattle (SEA) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Denver (DEN) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Las Vegas (LAS) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Portland (PDX) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Salt Lake City (SLC) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Spokane (GEG) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Oakland (OAK) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Dallas (DFW) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Minneapolis (MDW) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Sacramento (SMF) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from San Diego (SAN) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Atlanta (ATL) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Chicago (ORD) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Houston (IAH) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from San Jose (SJC) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Santa Ana (SNA) to Boise (BOI)
Flights from Palm Springs (PSP) to Boise (BOI)

8. How long is the flight to Boise Airport?
The average flying time for a US domestic flight to Boise airport is 1 hour and 27 minutes.
9. Where can I get assistance at Boise airport?
Passenger support is available at passenger support desk. You can also ask a TSA worker or supervisor for immediate on the spot assistance.
10. How much are round-trip flights to Boise?
US domestic round trip flight to Boise starts from $41
11. Where are the most popular flights to Boise departing from?
Most popular flights to Boise depart from Seattle & Denver.
12. Which are the top flying routes from Boise?
Flights from Boise to Atlanta
Flights from Boise to Dallas
Flights from Boise to Las Vegas
Flights from Boise to Chicago
Flights from Boise to Burbank
Flights from Boise to Denver
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