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You can take up your holiday to Chicago if you are a jazz music lover, or if you are an architecture enthusiast. In spite of the fact that you might be there for work or for a family gathering, everything about it keeps you awestruck. Nevertheless, we can be of great assistance if you plan to get cheap flights from Dallas to Chicago.

We offer the most affordable airfares, whether they are round-trip, one-way, or nonstop flights. If you still aren't convinced, you can contact our customer service team. They will be able to find the most affordable deal for you within minutes.

About Dallas

The city of Dallas is one of Texas's major cities. There are delicious smoked barbecues and authentic Mexican food in Dallas. Dallas is also famous for its Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. In addition to opera, ballet, and musical performances, the city hosts symphony concerts as well.

About Chicago

Stunning views, award-winning cuisine, legendary attractions, and vibrant neighborhoods make this city extra special. There is something to discover around every corner, making it just that much more special.

Cheap Flights from Dallas to Chicago

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FAQs on Dallas to Chicago Flights
1. Which airlines fly directly from Dallas to Chicago?

Airlines that fly directly from Dallas to Chicago are:

  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • American Airlines 
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
2. I’m booking a non-stop/direct flight to Chicago from Dallas. Which airport do I choose?

Dallas is served by three airports, all of which offer non-stop flights to Chicago. The airports are:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport(DFW)
  • Dallas Love Field Airport(DAL)


All the flights from Dallas will land at the following two airports in Chicago which are :

  • O'Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)


You can choose amongst the airports as per your convenience, depending upon the travel time to the airport, the departure time, the arrival time, and the flight cost offered.

3. What is the duration of the flight between DFW to ORD?
A quick flight from Dallas to Chicago can take about 2h 22m. The distance between Dallas and Chicago is about 806 miles and you can get non-stop flights all year round.
4. Which airline has the least delayed flights from Dallas to Chicago?
The least delayed flights from Dallas to Chicago are served by American Airlines. It is also one of the best commuter airlines. The flight timings however can be affected due to many reasons like technical glitches or weather conditions.
5. Which is the cheapest day of the week to fly from Dallas to Chicago?
If you want to get the greatest deal on a flight from Dallas to Chicago, you should leave on a Wednesday and avoid weekends. Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly back to Dallas, while Wednesdays are the most costly.
6. Do I need to pay any fees or charges for canceling my flight from DFW to ORD?
Most airlines charge a service fee for modifying or canceling flights. However, there have been exceptions, as several airlines have dropped their cancellation and alteration costs since the epidemic began. Please contact our customer care team or visit the airline's website for further information.
7. Do airlines offer sleeping areas to passengers traveling from Dallas to Chicago?
There are sleeping areas and resting areas at many airports. Several airports in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport offer sleeping lounges and reclining chairs in designated areas for passengers to get some rest. Chicago airports do not have lounges but it also offers sleeping or resting areas.
8. Am I allowed to carry food/eatables on my flight to Chicago?
As per the TSA rules, you are allowed to carry food/eatables in your carry-on or checked baggage as long as it is solid and well packed. Passengers are not allowed to carry liquid, semi-liquid, and gel items.
9. What is the baggage allowance on a flight from Dallas to Chicago?
Checked bags must generally not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) total in length plus height plus width, and must not weigh more than 23 kg (50 pounds). The dimensions may vary depending on the airline, so please contact them in advance if you want to confirm.
10. I lost my baggage during my flight to Chicago from Dallas, how can I recover it?

In case you lost your baggage during a flight, here are a few steps you can take to recover it.

  • Contact the airlines immediately. Airlines are responsible for any lost, damaged, or delayed baggage. They have a system to track and identify bags' location.
  • Request for delivery to your address or accommodation till it's found
  • Request for the baggage fee reimbursement
  • Keep all the receipts of incidental expenses.


Most airlines take 24 hours to 5 days to declare that the baggage is lost. In case your baggage is lost, airlines will compensate you for your bag and its content. For more information, you can check the airline and government policies or contact travel experts.

11. What are the latest offers available with Crystal Travel on flights to Chicago?
Crystal Travel always has some sort of deal for flights to Chicago. With only a few clicks, you can uncover some of the most recent offers for your trip using our vast search engine. Simply enter your destination IATA codes and you will be presented with numerous airline alternatives to pick from. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for more information on the newest airline deals and offers.
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