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Boston baked beans, craft beer, seafood, history, or parks, “The most walkable city in the US” will surely entertain you.
Boston is not only famous for its bookish collegiate type but it is also a creative hub for the art, culture, food, health, and tech industries. The city where the new and the old are in constant parley. You can find cobbled-stone houses and streets on one side with large glass buildings, illustrious performance theaters on the other.
A well-planned trip to Boston combines the classic with contemporary, exploring Boston’s past while enjoying its visible modern edge technologies. Boston is one of the oldest cities of America where you can see a great mix of modern and historical places. There are amazing museums, historic places, street markets, art galleries, and sprawling alleys, restaurants, and more filled with tourists and students. Apart from different landmarks and important sites, the nightlife of Boston is equally enthralling.
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FAQs on Flights to Boston

1. How many airports are there in Boston?
Boston has two airports: Boston Logan International Airport and Massport. Logan International Airport is the only major airport in Boston, Massachusetts, handling all the international flights coming to Boston. Massport is a waterfront port and offers regional services to local areas.
2. Which airlines fly to Boston?
There are more than 20 airlines that fly directly to Boston from all around the globe. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Cape Air, United Airlines, Emirates, JetBlue, Delta, Spirit Airlines, and Qatar Airways are some of the prominent airlines that fly directly to Boston Logan Airport.
3. How can I find the best flight deal to Boston?
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4. What’s the best time to book a flight to Boston?
The best time to book a flight to Boston is at least 60 - 70 days before the journey date to get a cheap flight to Boston. Being an education hub and one of the oldest cities in the country, there is never off-season in Boston.
5. What is the best time to go to Boston?
The best time to visit Boston is from May to November. The late spring and summer months bring beautiful weather to Boston.
6. What do I get while booking flight tickets to Boston with Crystal Travel?
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Interesting Facts About Boston

Here are some interesting facts about Boston that you must know

1. Christmas was banned for almost 20 years

People in Massachusetts Bay Colony were not allowed to celebrate Christmas or perform any rituals linked to it from 1659 until 1681. It was deemed a criminal violation, and anybody who witnessed it would be penalized. Christmas, according to Boston's Puritans, was meaningless since it had nothing to do with Christianity. Due to King Charles II, the Colony was forced to remove this after 22 years.


2. No Happy Hours allowed

If you are a party person and love going out for drinks with your friends you’d definitely understand the Happy Hour thing wherein bars and restaurants give discounts and special offers after work hours. However, a fun fact about Boston is that to reduce drunk driving incidents Massachusetts legislators banned Happy Hour or any discounts or special offers being given on alcoholic drinks. 


3. The first phone call was initiated here

Mr. Graham Bell was the inventor of Telephones and we all are obsessing over our mobile phones all thanks to him. However, the very first phone call happened in Boston on March 10, 1876. He made the first call to his assistant from his office at  109 Court Street. He simply said—  Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” The first demonstration of his work also took place nearby Boston. 


4. Boston was named after Boston, England

On September 7, 1630, a group of Puritan colonists chose the name "Boston" for their new settlement after the town in Lincolnshire, England. Several gang members, who had relocated from Charlestown in search of fresh water, were originally from Boston. Approximately 250 Boston, England inhabitants moved to Massachusetts during the seventeenth century. That was around one-tenth of the population of the English town! This is a much lesser-known fact about Boston. 

5. Much of Boston was once underwater

Boston was a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow neck when it was founded in 1630. The city began filling in parts of the bay and the Charles River in the early 19th century, and today about 5000 acres in Boston are human-created. The city filled in the water for various reasons—making improvements to the harbor, burying wastewater pollution, building parks, and adding shipping facilities to compete with other port cities.

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