Cheap Flights to Minneapolis (MSP)
Minneapolis has it all: gorgeous natural parks, lakes, outdoor areas, museums, culture, and some of the country's fine restaurants.
Minneapolis is an incredibly rich and dynamic place with stunning skylines, thrilling professional sports, award-winning theater, renowned restaurants, and a growing craft beer industry. Located on both banks of the Mississippi River, just north of its confluence with the Minnesota River, Minneapolis along with St. Paul forms the twin city of Minnesota.
Minneapolis is extensively green and surrounded by amazing water bodies, making it a picturesque city. The city has 22 lakes located within city limits and many in the surrounding area.
Many cultural and adventure landmarks, like the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, Science Museum of Minnesota, and Underwater Adventures Aquarium are found in Minneapolis. The city has fantastic shopping arcades, including the "Mall of America," which is the largest mall in the United States. The mall offers shopping, dining, and entertainment options for all age groups.
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FAQs on Flights to Minneapolis
1. How many airports are there in Minneapolis?

There are two airports in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul: Minneapolis - St.Paul International Airport (MSP) and St. Paul Downtown Airport (STP). MSP is the busiest and largest airport in the upper Midwestern region of the United States.

2. Which airlines fly to Minneapolis?

Following airlines fly to and out of Minneapolis: Allegiant, Air Canada Express, American Express, Delta Airlines, Denver Air Connection, Frontier Airlines, Icelandair, JetBlue, KLM, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Air France.

3. How can I find cheap flight deals to Minneapolis?

Crystal Travel is the answer to all your flight needs. Our easy-to-use search engine gets you the best flight deals to Minneapolis. Also, you can call our experienced travel consultants who would compare hundreds of flight deals to get the best prices for you.

4. What’s the best time to book a flight to Minneapolis?

The best time to book plane tickets to Minneapolis is at least 50 - 70 days before the journey date to get cheap plane tickets. The cheapest month to fly to Minneapolis is during late August and September as most of the visitors are ending their trip.

5. What is the best time to go to Minneapolis?

The best time to go to Minneapolis is from June to August when the weather conditions are the most appropriate. The summer season is the peak tourist season and you can experience the amazing natural beauty that the city holds.

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7. How many nonstop flights are there to Minneapolis?

Flights from Below cities fly directly to Minneapolis.

Flights from Denver (DEN) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Chicago (ORD) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Orlando (MCO) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Las Vegas (LAS) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Cancun (CUN) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Atlanta (ATL) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Washington (WAS) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Fort Myers (RSW) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Charlotte (CLT) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from New York (NYC) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Houston (IAH) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Miami (MIA) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Boston (BOS) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Detroit (DTT) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Seattle (SEA) to Minneapolis (MSP)

Flights from Saint Louis (STL) to Minneapolis (MSP)

8. How long is the flight to Minneapolis Airport?

The average flying time for a US domestic flight to Minneapolis is 2 hour and 51 minutes

9. Where can I get assistance at Minneapolis?

Passenger support is available at passenger support desk. You can also ask a TSA worker or supervisor for immediate on the spot assistance.

10. How much are round-trip flights to Minneapolis?

US domestic round trip flight to Minneapolis starts from $119.

11. Where are the most popular flights to Minneapolis departing from?

Most popular flights to Minneapolis depart from Las Vegas.

12. Which are the top flying routes from Minneapolis?

Flights from Minneapolis (MSP) to Chicago (ORD)
Flights from Minneapolis (MSP) to Denver (DEN)
Flights from Minneapolis (MSP) to Orlando (MCO)
Flights from Minneapolis (MSP) to Atlanta (ATL)
Flights from Minneapolis (MSP) to Phoenix (PHX)

Interesting Facts About Minneapolis
The city is full of gripping and unheard facts! Here are a few of them.

Mars was made in Minneapolis: No we are not bluffing. Mars was literally discovered in Minneapolis. Next time you crave a Sneaker or Mars Protein Bar, remember that these candies are discovered here in 1920. Wait there are even more fun facts about Minneapolis.

Holy cow! The phrase is from Minneapolis: Though he probably didn’t actually invent the phrase  The Phrase Holy Cow was recorded for the very first time on the radio when Halsey Hall commented on a home run during the broadcast of a baseball game. Although he didn’t coin the phrase but is everywhere associated with it.

Minneapolis is the inspiration behind the name L.A. Lakers: One lesser-known fact about Minneapolis is, the famous basketball team L.A. Lakers started their journey from here in 1947. Though eventually, they migrated to L.A. but kept the names with them which is inspired by Minnesota, i.e. ‘The land of 1000 lakes’. 

Minneapolis making people laugh since 1958! Dudley Riggs in 1958 initiated an instant comedy shop where he assembled talented writers and performers to perform on stand-up comedy to make people think of the issues they were tossing by first making their tummy tickle. It is still going strong.

Learn on the streets. Literally! Minneapolis is the place where you can learn the chronology of the Presidents of the US. The street in the top north starts with Washington (the first US president) and others follow in descending order. This was done to help immigrants pass out immigration exam.
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