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About Chicago 

In today's Chicago, people of all nationalities and backgrounds come together to pursue the American dream in a city that is a thriving center of international trade and commerce. A vibrant neighborhood, award-winning food scene, and iconic attractions add to its welcoming and inclusive spirit. A discovery awaits around every corner. There are also museums in Chicago as well as iconic architecture, such as the Sears Tower. In addition to its sports fans, Chicago-style pizza, and hot dogs are also famous. 

About Minneapolis

There is no denying that Minneapolis has a vibrant arts scene that is one of its best attractions. Local and international artists are showcasing their talents in the city's art installations, performance spaces, and museums. In the summer, the Minnesota Fringe Festival and Minnesota State Fair hold some of the biggest live concerts and festivals. A wide variety of outdoor activities, including picnics, sports, and scenic photos, await outdoor enthusiasts.

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FAQs on Chicago to Minneapolis Flights
1. Which airlines fly directly from Chicago to Minneapolis?

Airlines that fly directly from Chicago to Minneapolis are:

  • American Airlines 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • United Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
2. I’m booking a non-stop/direct flight to Minneapolis from Chicago. Which airport do I choose?

If you book a trip from Chicago to Minneapolis, you will fly into Minneapolis St. Paul (MSP). You must travel 10 miles to reach the Minneapolis and Saint Paul downtowns from the MSP airport.

However, while booking flights from Chicago you must know that there are two airports you can fly from. The two airports are

  • O'Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

A 16-mile drive is a distance from the Chicago O'Hare International Airport to the city, which is longer than the 6.9-mile drive from the Chicago Midway International Airport. Choose the airport depending upon the distance and flight timings.
3. What is the duration of the flight between ORD and MSP?
It will take you 1 hour and 37 minutes to go from Chicago to Minneapolis. The distance between Chicago and Minneapolis is 335 miles. Typically, all flights are nonstop. The times may differ depending on the airline.
4. Which airline has the least delayed flights from Chicago to Minneapolis?
Delta Airlines operates the least-delayed flights from Chicago to Minneapolis. It is also regarded as one of the top commuter airlines. Flight timings, on the other hand, might be altered by a variety of factors such as technical faults or weather conditions.
5. Which is the cheapest day of the week to fly from Chicago to Minneapolis?
On average, Friday is the cheapest day to travel from Chicago to Minneapolis, while Saturday is the most costly. The greatest offers on flights from Minneapolis to Chicago are usually found on Monday, with Sunday being the most costly.
6. Do I need to pay any fees or charges for canceling my flight from ORD to MSP?
Most airlines charge a service fee for modifying or canceling flights. However, there have been exceptions, as several airlines have dropped their cancellation and alteration costs since the epidemic began. Please contact our customer care team or visit the airline's website for further information.
7. Do airlines offer sleeping areas to passengers traveling from Chicago to Minneapolis?
Minneapolis airport has specific lounges for the passengers to spend some quality time, however, only those who are ready to pay for it can avail of the services. Passengers can either take a one-year subscription or can also use a one-day service in the lounges where they will be served with several amenities. Chicago airports have reclining and armrest chairs for the passengers.
8. Am I allowed to carry food/eatables on my flight to Minneapolis?
As per the TSA rules, you are allowed to carry food/eatables in your carry-on or checked baggage as long as it is solid and well packed. Passengers are not allowed to carry liquid, semi-liquid, and gel items.
9. What is the baggage allowance on a flight from Chicago to Minneapolis?
Checked luggage must exceed the overall dimensions of 158cm and cannot weigh more than 23kg in any place. Checked luggage for First and Business Class passengers, however, cannot exceed 32kg. Oversize/overweight luggage incurs fees. Hand luggage must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (with handles and wheels).
10. I lost my baggage during my flight to Minneapolis from Chicago, how can I recover it?

In case you lost your baggage during a flight, here are a few steps you can take to recover it.

  • Contact the airlines immediately. Airlines are responsible for any lost, damaged, or delayed baggage. They have a system to track and identify bags' location.
  • Request for delivery to your address or accommodation till it's found
  • Request for the baggage fee reimbursement
  • Keep all the receipts of incidental expenses.

Most airlines take 24 hours to 5 days to declare that the baggage is lost. In case your baggage is lost, airlines will compensate you for your bag and its content. For more information, you can check the airline and government policies or contact travel experts.

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