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Are you ready for a nighttime adventure in the skies? Red-eye flights are often more punctual and cheaper than flights at regular hours.

A red-eye flight also referred to as a late-night flight, is an overnight flight. The flight time is spent at night, which disrupts sleep, and passengers may develop reddening eyes. Red-eye flights get their scary name because many passengers have sleepless flights with puffy red eyes. Yet, these flights are a blessing for business travelers, adventurers, and those who want to fly cheap and save.

So, if you’re about to embark on a plane for a night journey, Crystal Travel has sourced a wide range of low-cost red-eye flights with multiple airlines, which are curated to match your price range. We have cheap red-eye flights to both domestic and international destinations with more than 500 airlines. Browse through our low-cost airfares and book the one that suits you the best.

Benefits of Red-Eye Flights
The benefits of red-eye flying are many-fold. Let us explore a few!
  1. No more waiting in a queue.

As there are fewer people at the airport on late-night flights, you do not have to spend any time at the check-in counters, baggage drops, boarding, or baggage claims.

  1. Extra time for activities.

If you are flying during the day, you will spend a significant period of your first day traveling. Alternatively, if you fly red-eye, you can take some rest and then get on with your activities.

  1. Flight tickets are cheaper.

Airlines offer cheaper airfare for flights departing late at night or early in the morning than flights at other times of the day.

  1. Hardly any cancellations or delays.

As airlines operate fewer flights during the night, there are hardly any delays due to traffic or cancellations.

  1. Save valuable time and hotel money.

If you arrive a day before your meeting, you will have to spend money on accommodation as well as productivity loss as you cannot complete all the important tasks of the day. Red-eye flights help you save on both.

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Tips for Taking Red-Eye Flights
Flying late at night can be uncomfortable, but not if you follow these tips.

We avoid taking a red-eye flight because of the odd timing and lack of comfort. Most of us want to spend our nights in the comfort of our beds rather than struggling to sleep on a flight. But some tips can turn the late-night flight into a comfortable journey and save us some money. 

  • Go for the later flight.
  • Lock in a window seat soon after you are done with your flight reservation. They are more comfortable on red-eye flights.
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine before and during your flight to help you sleep well.
  • Eat a light meal.
  • Wear comfortable and cozy clothes that will help you sleep peacefully.
  • Carry your blanket and neck pillow to stay warm and comfortable.
  • Carry an extra outfit to change towards the end of the flight.
  • If you cannot sleep with the lights on, carry an eye mask to keep all the eyes out and force your eyes to stay shut.
FAQs: Red Eye Flights
1. What are the Red Eye flights?
Flights that are scheduled to depart late at night (usually after 10 PM) and arrive at their destination early the next morning (around 4 or 5 AM) are termed "Red Eye flights." Often, passengers experience fatigue and sleeplessness due to late-night travel, as a result, their eyes are often red, hence it is called a red-eye flight.
2. What are the most popular red-eye routes?

Most of the popular red-eye routes are between the cities on the east coast and west coast of the country. Also, many popular international routes have multiple red-eye flights from the USA. Here are some of the popular red-eye routes.

  • New York City - London
  • New York City - San Francisco
  • Miami - Las Vegas
  • Boston - Seattle
  • Washington DC - Los Angeles
3. What are the popular red-eye flight destinations in the USA?

Some of the popular cities that have regular red eye flights are:

East Coast Cities

West Coast Cities

New York City

San Francisco


Los Angeles


San Diego

Washington DC







Las Vegas

4. Why is it called the "Red Eye" flight?
A flight that departs late at night and reaches its destination airport early in the morning of the following day is termed a "red-eye flight." Passengers often get red eyes from overnight travel as they are not used to flying at unusual flight times, hence earning the name "Red Eye" flight.
5. Are red-eye flights often cheaper?
As per the trend, red-eye flights are cheaper than flights at other times of the day. As the flight departs late at night or early in the morning, not many travelers fly on it. Therefore, airlines offer flights at a lower rate to increase the sale of tickets.
6. Are red-eye flights as safe as flights at other times of the day?
Yes, red-eye flights are as safe as flights departing at regular hours. Airlines ensure that the aircraft is operated by trained pilots and cabin crew irrespective of the departing time. All the staff is given plenty of time to rest and prepare before they fly.
7. What regional and major carriers offer red-eye flights?
Many regional and major airlines offer red-eye flights as per passengers' needs and demands. Book your red-eye tickets with over 500 airlines from our website. Some of the major carriers are American Airlines, Delta, United, and JetBlue.
8. How to book red-eye flights?
Crystal Travel is a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. We offer affordable red-eye plane tickets for destinations all around the world, irrespective of the purpose of your trip. You can utilise our extensive search engine to search for red-eye flights and then proceed with the bookings. If you have any queries or need any assistance, get in touch with our travel experts available to solve all your travel-related doubts.
9. Is there a faster check-in during red-eye flights?
Yes, the check-in process is faster during red-eye flights. During the night, airports have decreased footfall. As a result, passengers spend less time waiting for the check-in.
10. Does a red-eye flight save time?
A Red-Eye flight helps you to utilize the entire day as you do not have to spend your precious time traveling. Instead, you travel late at night or early in the morning so you can squeeze in a full day’s work or fun activities.
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