Sun Country Airlines' Flights - Overview

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Founded in the early 80s, Sun Country Airlines is a famous American ultra-low-cost passenger airline. While covering more than 85 local destinations in the US alone, Sun Country is also the eleventh largest air carrier in the country. As for its current fleet, the airline mostly operates Boeing 737 aircraft only for both passenger and cargo purposes. Surprisingly, the company used to offer first-class cabins in the past but later changed to all economy-seat arrangements only.
Apart from low-fare flight deals, Sun Country attracts tourists with its frequent flyer program named ‘Sun Country Rewards’ too. Through this program, frequent flyers can earn points and use them accordingly on their next flights.
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Sun Country Airlines FAQs

1. What’s the current carry-on size allowance for Sun Country Airlines?
While boarding a Sun Country Airlines flight, your cabin baggage size shouldn’t exceed the dimension of 60x40x28cm. If your baggage exceeds these limits, you might have to pay an additional fee for your checked luggage.
2. Where is Sun Country Airlines’ primary hub?
Currently, Sun Country Airlines operates most of its flight operations from Minneapolis, making it the primary hub of this airline.
3. What is Sun Country Airlines’ cancellation policy?
Like all other major airlines, Sun Country Airlines’ cancellation policy is subject to change. Hence, it’s best to contact the airlines directly and stay updated with their cancellation or flight rescheduling policy.
4. What day of the week is the best time to book a Sun Country Airlines flight?
Unfortunately, there’s no specific day of the week to get low-fare tickets for Sun Country Airlines’ flights. However, we recommend traveling during the off-season or booking flight tickets on weekdays like Monday and Tuesday for the best flight deals possible.

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