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Traveling to your bucket list place but what if the journey is full of long queues and unnecessary halts? Surely, no one wants that! To make sure you get secured bookings for domestic or international flight tickets and your journey remains entirely hassle-free, Crystal Travel has partnered with some of the top airlines in the US. Now, travel to your favorite destinations with all premium amenities at affordable prices!

How to Find a Low-Cost International Flight Deal?
Looking for cheap flight deals for your international travel? Check out our tips and tricks.

The ideal way to get cheap international flight deals is by booking your tickets 2-3 months before the journey date. Economy class tickets are always in high demand and the prices increase dynamically. So, you may consider booking your flight tickets in advance as the prices can increase at a later date. Here are a few other tips and tricks that may help you find low-cost deals for your international flights:

  • Do not plan to fly around the holidays.
  • Flights with layovers are cheaper as compared to direct flights.
  • Go for local airlines.
  • Booking an early departure or overnight flight can get you low-cost international flights.
  • Always choose a major international airport for your journey. There are more options of flights to compare. If there are multiple international airports in your region, check the airfare from each.
  • Be flexible with your dates.
  • Do not try to stick to a single airline when booking international flights.
  • Try to book a round-trip flight.
  • Check our website, we regularly update deals and offers on international flights to and from the USA.
Top Ten Budget Airlines Around the World
Budget airlines or low-cost airlines aim to make your flight journey under budget.

The purpose of budget airlines is to get you from point A to point B at the lowest price possible. These budget carriers do not offer the same amenities as the legacy airlines on international flights in order to compensate for the price. Nevertheless, these low-cost carriers help passengers save more money on international flight tickets as compared to traditional airlines. Here are the top international budget airlines operating in the USA:

AirAsia   WestJet   Scoot   EasyJet   Eurowings
Norwegian   Air India Express   Southwest Airlines Jetstar Airways   Ryanair
How do Multi-City Itineraries Save More on International Flights?
Fly with a Multi-city itinerary to explore more destinations in a cost effective way!

A ticket purchased to a destination and back is always less than two one-way flight tickets along the same route, so purchasing a round-way ticket is always going to be cheaper than buying two one-way tickets. But, there is another potential way that can be used to save a few more bucks on your international flights. You can do that by booking cheap international flights for multiple cities, i.e., a multi-city itinerary. In the multi-city itinerary, you book a flight to one destination and fly out of another. For example, you could fly from Boston to Rome and then fly back from Paris to Boston. You will have to find a way to travel from Rome to Paris, like taking a bus, train, or car.

Benefits of booking a multi-city itinerary:

  • With a multi-city itinerary, you can explore more than one city during your international trip. This type of itinerary can be useful during your trip to Europe or Asia, where traveling from one city to another is cheaper and convenient.
  • Possibility of saving more as compared to round-trip flights. Of course, do not forget to compare the price of the round-trip and the multi-city itinerary.
  • Less expensive than booking one-way flights to different destinations.
  • Possibility of getting more options on flights!
FAQs on International Flights Departing from the US
1. Which are the cheapest international airlines in the USA?
Frontier, Southwest, JetBlue, Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines are considered some of the cheapest international airlines in the USA.
2. Which city can I fly directly from the US?
There are many cities all over the six continents where you can fly directly from the US. Some of the popular cities include London, Paris, Sydney, Cape Town, Cairo, Dubai, Lagos, Singapore, Tokyo, Lima, Tahiti, São Paulo, and Rio.
3. Can I get cheap flights from the US to European hubs?
Yes, you can now easily find flights from the USA to major European cities as many airlines have introduced transatlantic flights. Now, there are several options to book your cheap flights to European cities like London, Paris, Brussels, Zurich, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, and more.
4. Is there a top airline for cheap international flights?
When it comes to flying internationally, you should never be inclined towards a particular airline. Always look for airlines that are affordable and offer multiple amenities on international flights. As far as international flight deals are concerned, you will always find the most competitive international flight deals with major and budget airlines on Crystal Travel.
5. When is the ideal time to book international flights?
When it comes to booking international flights, the ideal time can be a little tricky. Usually, booking a flight for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday (early morning or late night) can help you get cheaper international flights. The majority of airlines launch sales and offers on Monday evening, and as a result, other airlines follow suit to compete. Also, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the least popular days to fly, making it easier to find international tickets at a cheaper price.
6. What can I expect on international flights?
Although different airlines offer different amenities and features on their flights as per the class and route, however, if you are flying internationally, you can expect to receive a free beverage, meals, and in-flight entertainment, as well as more baggage allowance than you would on a domestic flight. Other than the allowed features and meals, you always have the option to purchase items as per your requirements. Mostly, long-haul flights provide more amenities and features, along with meals, as compared to short-haul flights. Low-cost carriers usually charge for all the amenities.
7. Which are the cheapest international destinations to fly from the US?

Traveling to an international destination will help you explore the new culture and traditions of the region. Also, it surely will be a refreshing experience, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go over budget. Proper planning will help you get cheap international airfares. Also, you can travel in a group to trim your travel costs, or you can travel to a place where airfare is cheaper. To help you save some money, here are some of the cheapest international destinations to fly from the USA.

  • Ecuador: Rainforests, beach towns, and historic cities.
  • Bulgaria: Historic cities and beach towns by the Black Sea.
  • Thailand: Beaches, water sports, temples, and cuisine.
  • South Africa: Safari, wildlife, outdoors.
  • The Dominican Republic: Ecotourism and beaches.
  • Georgia: Beaches, historic sites, and ancient monuments.
  • Argentina: Nightlife, outdoor sports, nature, and cuisine.
  • Peru: Mixture of colonial and indigenous cities with rainforest and beaches.
  • Greece and Croatia: Mediterranean destinations with beach towns, delicious cuisines, and wine tasting.
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